How to with your sensitive teeth sensibly?Healthy Living

February 11, 2014 18:32
How to with your sensitive teeth sensibly?},{How to with your sensitive teeth sensibly?

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Sensitivity in teeth isn't a very pleasant thing! After all, who likes to experience a tingling teeth everytime they eat or drinks something sweet or cold or hot. Teeth sensitivity can literally make your life a pain. If you don't wish to be stuck with a throbbing tooth, pay heed to the below mentioned tips. Knowing them could save you heap loads of discomfort.


Ways to treat your sensitive teeth

Pick toothpastes for sensitive teeth that comes with desensitising agents. These toothpastes block off the dentinal tubules, so that the nerves don't get stimulated. Take a dab of paste on your finger, directly massage on the sore spot and see the difference.

Brushing your teeth twice is a must. Also, don't forget to floss them thoroughly.

Rinse your mouth with a mouthwash every time you eat.

Stay away from citric drinks and aerated beverages.

Don't eat very cold, very hot and spicy foods.

Say no to sugary foods.

Incorporate natural sources of calcium in your diet

Maintain your oral hygiene.

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