Viswaroopam Movie Review

Viswaroopam Movie Review

Viswaroopam Movie Review
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    Dec, 05 2020


Visawroopam Review
  • Film : Viswaroopam
  • Producer : Kamal Hassan
  • Director : Kamal Hassan
  • Star Cast : Kamal Hassan, Pooja Kumar, Rahul Bose..
  • Music Director : Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Rating: 3/5

Viswaroopam released globally on January 25, except in Hyderabad city and the entire Tamil Nadu state, has been thoroughly appreciated by the first show audience for the technical thrill fare offered. Once again the multifaceted Dr Kamal Haasan receives a thumbs up for his daring narration and direction in addition to his versatile performance while producing the mammoth budgeted film.

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The action thriller revolves around the dual natures of a Bharatanatayam dance exponent settled in USA, Viswanath(an) (Dr Kamal Haasan). The story shuttles between USA and Afghanistan. Kamale is married to Dr Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) who aspires for an adventurous 'He-man' husband, but in reality this dance master is totally subtle and calm. Irked with fate she concentrates on her work, as a nuclear oncologist. Her sincerity gains praises from Deepak, the boss and in turn Pooja gets attracted towards his masculine looks.

However the myth is short lived once she realizes that her boss works for a terror outfit headed by Omar (Rahul Bose). In the process she also learns about her husband's heroic past. Due to her foolishness the couple land up in a series of problems.

A bomb to explode in the New York City, is the mastermind of Omar and co, while Kamal needs to stop it. How he will do it and what is his past, forms the rest of this interesting tale. Switch off your mobiles and be on time for this film. Every frame is interlinked and needs keen attention.

Analysis :


Smitten by the flash back bug, Dr Kamal does different things to awaken the tough keys of the ticket counter which he finally does. Viswaroopam shows the universal legend in his full format, in spite of attracting controversies form day one. It is on par with Hollywood and in some sequences has excelled the mentor. Kamal has opened up newer horizons in filming with his latest venture.

His Matrix style narration where the camera plays a vital roles is awesome. The hectic logistics planning especially in the US Army sequences are sure to keep the viewer mesmerizing. Back ground music is good but songs fall out of place and this is one place that Kamal should have worked. On the whole First half is slow while second half compensates and shoots past at lightning speed.

Performance :


Even the most acclaimed critic needs to bow before this master actor Kamal. He was inspiring in spite of handling so many jobs on the film. This Viswantah's character adds another feather to his cap of laurels.

Shekar Kapur enjoys the company of this versatile actor and is at home. None would have ever thought that suave Rahul Bose would fit the bill of Omar. But he is simply extra-ordinary in the role. Pooja Kumar is glamorous and brings in an air of freshness while Andrea Jeremiah is seen less. Viswaroopam is a visual treat filled with technical excellence that is unheard in these parts of the world and less heard globally.

Final Word:Viswaroopam has universal appeal for action, narration and technology.


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Viswaroopam Movie Review


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