Indian-Origin Millionaire, Tushar Atre Abducted From California Home And Found DeadNRI News

October 03, 2019 15:15
Indian-Origin Millionaire, Tushar Atre Abducted From California Home And Found Dead

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An Indian-origin tech executive Tushar Atre was abducted from his home in California on 01st October, 2019 and later his dead body was found near his own BMW.

The millionaire was a resident in an amazing area around Santa Cruz in California from where he was abducted on Tuesday and his dead body was found later. The police department is working thoroughly on the case to get hold of the abductor and possible murdered of the millionaire.

According to the reports published by the police department, they clarified stating that this popular businessman and the owner of a well established digital marketing agency, Atre Net Inc was abducted from his residence around 3 am on Tuesday. He was last seen getting inside of his white BMW, near which his dead body was found.

The motive and the possible string of events surrounding the same has still not been clarified by the police department but they do believe that there has to be something big that made him get abducted from the oceanfront home.

Following the case, the Santa Cruz police officials have released some details regarding the case and the possible reasons why it happened. The officials reported that they received a 911 emergency call from Tushar’s residency in Santa Cruz, that too very early in the morning.

One officer investigating the case said that Atre was kidnapped at 3 in the morning amidst a “possible crime” in the house. Following which he was seen getting inside his white BMW. The deputies were able to trace the car in the Santa Cruz mountains and the dead body of the businessman was found in the area nearby the car itself.

The sheriff finally took to Facebook to announce that they have successfully located the car and found a deceased body around that area. It was later on Wednesday afternoon that the body was identified to be of the multimillionaire. The sheriff clarified stating that they have enough evidence to prove for a fact that the reason behind the death could be robbery.

The police are now working to investigate the two connected people in this case behind the abduction and possible murder of Tushar Atre.

By Somapika Dutta

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