Mitra, the robot helps patients to speak to their loved onesHot Buzz

September 17, 2020 20:55
Mitra, the robot helps patients to speak to their loved ones

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Mitra, which has stolen the show in the Global Entrepreneurs Summit held in Hyderabad last year is now helping COVID-19 patients.

Mitra is a robot that was developed by a Bangalore-based startup, Invento Robotics. The robot was developed with an aim to provide customer assistance. From finding the details on the lost boarding pass to finding the right dosa, or the way to your metro train, the robot provides all kinds of assistance to people in multiple languages.

This robot Mitra, translated as ‘friend’ in English will converse with people, provide empathy with its eyes and hand gestures and will also understand the emotional levels of human beings.

It will move within the indoors autonomously after careful scanning.

Mitra even interacted with Priem Minister Narendra Modi during an event in 2017.

Its enthralling eyes are equipped with facial recognition technology that can detect the person once it has seen.

Recently, in the times of COIVD-19, Mitra is being attached with a tablet to its chest that allows patients to see their loved ones. It is also helping the medical staff to access their wards.

COVID-19 is that type of disease that takes time to recover and if a patient has to be admitted to a hospital it takes almost 20 days to reach back to their families.

During the toughest of times, patients need their families. Mitra is helping such patients to communicate with their family members through the tablet and the patient’s mobile phone.

A hospital in India has bought the robot for Rs. 10 lakh from the Bangalore-based startup Invento Robotics recently.

Mitra is also being used by the hospital authorities to consult the specialists to reduce the risk of becoming infected with COVID-19.

It is normally difficult for a psychiatrist or a nutritionist to see a COVID-19 patient and Mitra helps in establishing communication between them.

Mitra is equipped with vision, speech, machine learning, and recommendation algorithms that can give the customers a superior experience when deployed in banks, malls, airports and shopping.

The most interesting thing about this robot is that, it interacts with people without even needing a code word like ‘Ok Google’ to start its functions, The best part is it goes to the people to greet and start a communication which makes it hard for the people to avoid it.

The inventors of the Mitra robot hope that in the future, Mitra will become the physical Google in the real world which will let people find anything they want.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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