Recent Updates Show Coronavirus is Spreading Faster- What Is the Impact of Lockdown on India?Hot Buzz

May 11, 2020 18:30
Recent Updates Show Coronavirus is Spreading Faster- What Is the Impact of Lockdown on India?

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In between the lockdown period of April 17-26, around 42 districts are reported with new COVID-19 positive cases. Then how did the lockdown help India in stopping coronavirus spread?

Lockdown couldn't stop coronavirus but made a difference in other ways. Several migrant workers are struggling around without employment. India is following the longest lockdown with 1.3 billion people quarantined.

During the period of March 28 to April 28, 301 new districts were recorded with their first positive case. Some states including Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh noticed a higher spread of coronavirus in the new districts. The positive cases differ with district to district.

Districts where cases are low are yet to be tested. It is clear that more testing reveals more positive cases in India. In a few districts the cases are yet to report. The point that cannot be ignored here is that- the areas that are identified as hotspots are continuing with the spread of virus.

How did lockdown Help India from the Spread Of COVID-19?

Lockdown helped India in expected ways but unfortunately, stopping the virus spread is not a result actually.

It helped in arranging the healthcare facilities for the affected people. The health facilities prepared themselves from handling the situation when the positive cases gear up.

The extra facilities like isolation wards and ventilation equipment are arranged. Government made an attempt to stop the virus from spreading to other regions where it is not affected at all.

The Overall Coronavirus status in India

Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary of Health Ministry confirmed that- there are 4213 new positive cases reported within 24 hours in India on whole. Along with that there are 1559 recoveries. The present recovery rate is 31.15 percent. The total number of positive cases is 67152.

Along with this report, he also added that the total number of recoveries is 20917 and 44029 patients are undergoing the treatment.

There are few services that will be released from lockdown like railways. The stretch of lockdown is not able to control the virus spread as it is expected by the nation.

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