NASA Astronaut To Break The Record Of Longest Spaceflight By A WomanHot Buzz

April 19, 2019 12:26
NASA Astronaut To Break The Record Of Longest Spaceflight By A Woman

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It isn’t technically a wondrous and shocking subject that women are touching new heights every single day. More and more women are embarking in new achievements, distinguishing themselves from the drawbacks that they have been thrashed around with. All that being said, a new report suggests that a NASA astronaut is set to break the record of the longest spaceflight by a woman.

As per the reports from NASA, astronaut Christina Koch, who did arrive at the International Space Station on March 14 is scheduled to roam and stay in the orbit till February 2020. Definitely something unbelievable, isn’t it? If the mission pans out as a successful one, chances are that the same will break the prior record of 288 days which was set by Peggy Whitson in 2016-17.

Addressing such a nerve wracking experience, Koch stated saying, “It feels awesome. I have known that this was a possibility for a long time, and it's truly a dream come true.”

The time of stay of Koch in the extended mission is going to help the scientists gather and garner some additional data about the effects of the spacelight orbits longer than that of the normal 6-months expeditions.

Up until now, the expedition for the longest single spaceflight has been for 340 days which was set by the former astronaut Scott Kelly. Koch’s mission is just a few days from breaking this record altogether. The NASA astronaut is set to not just embark is such an immaculate experience but is also going to be indulging in one of a kind experience that is set to break records and such.

By Somapika Dutta

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