Ways to Bust a Bad Mood InstantlyStress

January 17, 2020 18:30
Ways to Bust a Bad Mood Instantly

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Not every day is a Sunday is a well known proverb and is often used. Just the same way, there do exists bad days in our life be at the workplace or at home. Days like these calm down our excitement and make it a sad gloomy day.

There are few ways to pep up yourself from the sad mood and shine bright. Few may give an instant relief where as the others may take some time but it is sure that you will start feeling better when done.


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It might sound simple and silly but practicing it shows commendable results. When in a bad mood, sit to yourself and initiate a smile. It might take a while but smiling by yourself will surely make you feel calm and relaxed.


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Breathing is the one thing that shows the change instantly based on your mood. Things will get back to normal if the breathing is observed and is brought back to normal. When feel irritated, move to a corner and start observing the way you breathe and try to get that back to normal, doing which you feel relaxed in a short time.

Look at yourself in a mirror:

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There can be no instance where in we want to look bad, and this instinct of the human mind helps in relaxing ones mind. Every individual gets conscious when a mirror is placed before him/ her and therefore, your irritated and gloomy mood can get brighten when you look at yourself in the mirror and it helps you for a better day.

Do a good deed:

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Many people experience happiness when they get indulged in helping the needy and so does researches which were being conducted proved that people who help others stay happier and healthier when compared to the people who don’t help the ones in need. When you extend you help for a person in need, the smile on their face is a contagious one that spreads to you as well. Helping people, be it emotionally or financially or in any other way can help you feel happy as that gives satisfaction in making someone else’s life better. When something nice is done to others, your focus will immediately get shifted from your problems to the ones you are helping.

Sniff certain scents:

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It has been found that sniffing scents can help in improving your mood. Sniffing orange or the orange essential oil, lavender oil or any mint flavors can help in boosting up your mood and also helps in being more productive.

Chew a gum:

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Chewing a gum is a repetitive action that helps in reducing anxiety and stress as they promote relaxation.

Eating a chocolate:

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Researches have found out that chocolate helps in making you feel happy. It has found that chocolate can be helpful in turning your mood from gloomy to bright. What else does a chocolate lover need? Just munch on to some chocolate whenever you feel low.

Listen to music:

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Music is known to have the ability to change ones mood and is said to be an excellent stress reliever. Listening to a happy song can help in boosting up your mood instantly and therefore music is also being used as therapeutically in hospitals for managing stress and for emotional well-being.


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Physical touch from our loved ones makes us feel happier and helps in reducing stress and therefore cuddling with your partner when in a bad mood might help you feel happier. The singles can get a hug from your friend and it surely serves as a mood lifter.

Snuggle up:

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Climbing the bed and staying under a soft blanket many help in feeling relaxed and helps in making your mood better. Researches have found out that getting in contact with soft things will make you feel better.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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