Never brush your teeth after mealsDoctor's Advise

September 12, 2013 15:51
Never brush your teeth after meals},{Never brush your teeth after meals

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Can there ever be a bad time to brush your teeth? Well, if dentists opinion counts, then brushing teeth soon after meals can do more harm than good to your dentition. Rather, brush your teeth before meals, they say!

Brushing soon after you have consume  sugary drinks, wine, citrus fruits or juice can damage your teeth enamel beyond repair. That is because they contain high level of acidity that can soften enamel. So if you brush your teeth when it's vulnerable, you will run the risk of abrading its surface for good, leading to breakage and loose teeth.

It's best to wait for 30 minutes after meal before you brush your teeth. Doing so will give your mouth enough time to produce saliva to neutralize all acidity, and help your teeth harden up and absorb more calcium that will defend it against brushing and flossing.

AW: Suchorita Dutta

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