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August 30, 2019 13:18
Ganesh Chaturthi Special: Chocolate Modak Recipe

(Image source from: Veg Recipes of India)

Ganesh Chaturthi is just days away and the country is already engaged with the preparations. The 10-day festival includes chanting of Vedic religious sons, prayers, vratas, and offerings or prasadams being offered to Lord Ganesha.

According to Hindu mythology, it is widely believed that Lord Ganesha was fond of sweets and for that reason, a wide range of sweets are offered to Vinayaka during the festival. One of Lord Ganesha's favorite sweet is modak, a creamy delicious sweet dumpling made using rice flour, jaggery, and other delicacies.

Modak is offered to Lord Ganesha to impress and seek his blessings.

Besides regular modaks, you can also prepare chocolate modak that will be greatly relished by children and you can also refrigerate them for 5 to 6 days.  

Step-by-step procedure to Prepare chocolate modak

Preparation time: 2 minutes     Cook time: 15 minutes    

Total time: 17 minutes            Servings: 6

Ingredients Required

1. 1 cup evaporated milk solids

2. 1/3 cup chocolate chips

3. Sugar as required

4. 1/8 tsp cardamom powder

5. Oil or butter or ghee as required

How to Make Chocolate Modak   

1. Make modak molds smooth with the help of a bit of butter or oil.

2. Keep modak molds aside.

3. Put grated milk solid in a heated pan.

4. Keep stirring evaporated milk solid for a minute on low flame till it starts melting.

5. Once evaporated milk solid begins melting, add sugar in the mixture as per your requirement and stir for a minute.

6. Add chocolate chips to the mixture.  

7. Keep stirring the mixture on low heat till chocolate chips start melting and thickening.

8. Sprinkle cardamom powder on the mixture.  

9. Keep stirring the mixture on low flame until it starts leaving the edges of the pan.  

10. After done with stirring, transfer the mixture in another bowl and let the mixture cool down.

11. Now make small balls with them.

12. Place small ball in the modak mold.

13. Now gently unmould and repeat the same with the remaining mixture.

14. You can garnish modaks with rose petals (optional).

Courtesy: Veg Recipes of India

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