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February 01, 2018 15:08
The World Sees A Rare Celestial Delight As A Super Blue Blood Moon

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People from Moscow to Washington DC saw a rare super blue blood moon which is a celestial delight for it came after a gap of one and a half centuries. Three lunar phenomenon coincided when a blue moon, a super moon and a red moon coincided.

Blue moon occurs when a second full moon occurs in a month, Super moon in when moon comes nearer to earth unusually and making it brighter and bigger than usual while blood moon is that particular moment during an eclipse when the moon appears red in color.

The entire world saw this beautiful cosmic phenomenon in space, and people in US saw the eclipse before sunrise on Wednesday while the rest of world including Asia, AUstralia, Middle east, New Zealand and Russia saw it just before moon rise on Wednesday evening

This was the first total lunar eclipse post the 2015 one and the first visible from US, blue moon Blood moon since 1886. This lunar eclipse of Jan 31st casted a red color hue on the surface of the moon for over 4 hours. This strange and mesmerizing sight was visible from all the 50 US states while west coast had the best views for the same. Though clouds did cover across much part of US but skywatchers and astrophotographers did grab a clear view.

The eclipse began at 5:51 a.m. EST (1051 GMT), with penumbra. Penumbra is when the moon began to enter the outer portion of Earth's shadow. It lasted about an hour, the moon began to darken the shadow slowly and proceeded towards its surface. At 6:48 a.m. ET (1148 GMT), the next step of the umbra began. In this step the moon began to enter the darker, inner portion of Earth's shadow. Then began the partial eclipse with red colored moon. This is due to sunlight entering earths atmosphere. By 7:51 a.m. EST (1251 GMT), began the total lunar eclipse. the moon was totally in line with Earth's shadow.

Some images of the superblue blood moon seen from around the world :

1- From singapore:
Super-blue-moon01                       image credit:
2- From Indiana:
Super-blue-moon02                       Image credit:
3- From Bangkok:
Super-blue-moon03                       Image credit:
4- From Myanmar:
Super-blue-moon04                       Image credit:
5- From New York:
Super-blue-moon05                       Image credit:
6- From SFO:
Super-blue-moon06                       Image credit:
7- From Norway:
Super-blue-moon07                       Image credit:
8- From London:
Super-blue-moon08                       Image credit:
9- From Madrid:
Super-blue-moon09                       Image credit:
10- From India:
Super-blue-moon10                       Image credit:

By Minu Manisha

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