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  • indian temples, Vijay Kumar, 10 000 major artworks stolen from indian temples every decade expert, United kingdom

    10,000 Major Artworks Stolen from Indian Temples Every Decade: Expert 2018-11-12 05:05:46

    An assessed 1,000 pieces of antique artworks are stolen from Indian temples each year and transported to the international market, according to Singapore-based Indian-origin shipping executive."We are estimating about close to 10,000 major work of arts leaving India every decade,"...

    Keywords: indian artworks, indian artworks, The Idol Thief, stolen pieces

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    Beyond Fake News, Beyond Fake News, bbc launches global campaign to fight back fake news, United kingdom

    BBC Launches Global Campaign To Fight Back Fake News 2018-11-09 09:03:11

    To fight back against disinformation and fake news, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has devised a new campaign with a major focus on global media literacy, including workshops and debates in countries like India. The Beyond Fake News project, which...

    Keywords: world, Fake News, BBC world, media literacy

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    tea lover, taste, coffee lovers sensitive to caffeine s bitter taste study, United kingdom

    Coffee Lovers Sensitive to Caffeine's Bitter Taste: Study 2018-11-17 12:00:34

    People who are more sensitive to coffee's bitter taste indeed drink more of the brew, a study suggests.The study which is published in the journal Scientific Reports found that the sensitivity is caused by a genetic variant."You'd expect that people...

    Keywords: tea addicts, tea and coffee, caffeine and tea, caffeine taste

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    home ministry, India, india should have long term visas like u s kj alphons, United kingdom

    India Should Have Long-Term Visas Like U.S.: KJ Alphons 2018-11-08 07:36:09

    The tourism ministry is in negotiations with the home ministry to have the time period of electronic (e) visas for India extended and bring it closer to paper visas that let visitors stay for longer periods in the country, tourism minister KJ Alphons told ET.  "We...

    Keywords: KJ Alphons, KJ Alphons, India, KJ Alphons

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    women, breast, early rising women at lower risk of breast cancer study, United kingdom

    Early Rising Women at Lower Risk of Breast Cancer: Study 2018-11-08 11:13:26

    A research suggests that women who begin their day early are probably to have a lower risk of breast cancer, than late beginners. The study found that a priority for mornings lessened the possibility of breast cancer by 40 percent...

    Keywords: women health, sleep, cancer, reasons for breast cancer

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    India, nicobar, record number of foreigners visited india this year on e visa, United kingdom

    Record Number of Foreigners Visited India This Year on E-Visa 2018-11-15 10:01:34

    A total of 18.78 lakh foreigners toured India this year within the first 10 months on E-visa (Electronic-visa) - four times more than the 4.47 lakh figure registered in 2015 and the highest up to now. The maximum number of...

    Keywords: foreigners in India, nicobar, andaman and nicobar, nicobar

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