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  • Indian origin astronauts in NASA, Asian Pacific American Heritage month, meet the 9 top indian origin scientists in nasa, Scientists

    Meet the 9 Top Indian Origin Scientists in NASA 2019-05-27 10:06:20

    As a part of Asian Pacific American Heritage month, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) celebrated the contributions of several Indian-origin scientists in the space agency including engineers, flight directors, astronauts, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and many more. Kalpana...

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    sleep medicine, how to sleep early, are you a night owl this one trick can help advance sleep time by 2 hours, Scientists

    Are You a Night Owl? This One Trick Can Help Advance Sleep Time by 2 Hours 2019-06-11 13:05:23

    Are you struggling to sleep at nights? A study suggests that it is possible to retrain yourself to go to sleep earlier in just three weeks, without any drugs or other drastic actions involved. Shifting to an earlier sleep schedule...

    Keywords: night owl, how to sleep fast, how to sleep early, food for good sleep

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    benefits of drinking red wine before bed, benefits of white wine, 10 amazing health benefits of guzzling red wine, Scientists

    10 Amazing Health Benefits of Guzzling Red Wine 2019-05-25 10:06:28

    Gulping a glass of wine not just relish the happy high but also has a good deal of health benefits. Depending on the type, different types of wines have their own set of health benefits. While red wine is known...

    Keywords: red wine benefits for men, benefits of white wine, red wine benefits and side effects, red wine

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    intel science fair 2019, science competition, two indian teens win honors at international science and engineering fair, Scientists

    Two Indian Teens Win Honors at International Science and Engineering Fair 2019-06-11 12:13:56

    Two Indian-American teens are among the four teenagers who bagged accolades and recognition at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF 2019) for cutting-edge research. Considered as the world’s largest international pre-college science competition, the ISEF sees the participation of...

    Keywords: science, intel science fair 2019, science, science

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    golden card visa in uae, uae visa, meet vasu shroff and khushi khatwani the first from indian community to get 10 year uae visa, Scientists

    Meet Vasu Shroff and Khushi Khatwani, the First from Indian Community to Get 10-Year UAE Visa 2019-05-23 06:40:32

    The two Indian businessmen Vasu Shroff and Khushi Khatwani on Tuesday were issued a 10-year-visa of the United Arab Emirates to become the first in the community to be issued a golden card visa. The visa is granted under the...

    Keywords: golden card program, Indian community in UAE, khushi Khatwani, 10 year visa in UAE

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    US senators, chinese military scientists in american labs, u s senators introduce bill to ban chinese military scientists from american labs, Scientists

    U.S. Senators Introduce Bill to Ban Chinese Military Scientists from American Labs 2019-05-15 04:55:32

    A bipartisan group of lawmakers in the United States has introduced a bill in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate seeking to prohibit individuals employed or sponsored by the Chinese military institutions from receiving student or research...

    Keywords: Bill to Ban Chinese Military Scientists from American Labs, bill to ban chinese products, bill to ban chinese products, bill to ban chinese products

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