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  • McLaren 570s Spider, Balvir Singh, indian man wins mclaren 570s spider sportscar in dubai lucky draw but what he did next is totally unexpected, Driving

    Indian Man Wins Mclaren 570s Spider Sportscar in Dubai Lucky Draw but What He Did Next Is Totally Unexpected 2019-04-24 05:01:53

    A carpenter working in Dubai and originally hailing from Punjab was informed that he has become the owner of a McLaren 570s Spider sportscar, but as might be expected it all seemed like just a prank for him. Balvir Singh,...

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    stress, psychological effects of eating ice cream, reasons why we reach for ice creams or sweets when stressed, Driving

    Reasons Why We Reach for Ice-Creams or Sweets When Stressed 2019-04-30 10:06:57

    Are you among the one who craves for ice-cream and sweets when stressed and wondered why it would happen? A recent study has all your answers. According to researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia, post...

    Keywords: sweets when in stress, ice cream for anxiety, eating ice creams when you are stressed, ice cream mood booster quotes

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    michele bachelet, michele bachelet on india, un human rights commissioner says divisive policies will hurt india s growth, Driving

    UN Human Rights Commissioner Says Divisive Policies Will Hurt India’s Growth 2019-03-07 07:17:23

    UN Human Rights High Commissioner Michele Bachelet warns India that Divisive policies will hurt its economic growth. She says that inequality is serious issue and said that narrow political agendas are driving the marginalisation of vulnerable people. Addressing the UN...

    Keywords: michele bachelet, divisive policies india, india pakistan un human rights., divisive policies india

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    expats in india statistics, Americans harassed in India, american journalist harassed molested in uttar pradesh, Driving

    American Journalist Harassed, Molested in Uttar Pradesh 2019-04-02 05:09:19

    A 38-year-old American journalist of Indian origin was on Friday night allegedly hounded, harassed, heckled, and molested by a man driving a Dzire in Ghaziabad of Uttar Pradesh. The man, identified by police as 31-year-old Nishant Kaushik, allegedly followed her...

    Keywords: westerners in india, living in india, Americans harassed in India, uttar pradesh

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    H1b visa application fee, Indian IT companies, trump administration to hike h 1b visa application fee, Driving

    Trump Administration to Hike H-1B Visa Application Fee 2019-05-07 07:24:59

    Further passing the stringent rules for H-1B visa holders, the Trump administration is proposing a hike in the H-1B visa application fee to increase funding for the expansion of an apprentice programme, which trains American youths in technology-related activities, Labour...

    Keywords: H1B visa, trump administration, H1B filing fees, H1B visa application fee

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    uday senapati drink driving, uday senapati banned from driving, group lotus indian origin director uday senapati banned for drink driving, Driving

    Group Lotus Indian Origin Director Uday Senapati Banned for Drink-Driving 2019-03-09 04:40:53

    An Indian origin director of British sportscar company Group Lotus has been banned from driving for a year after being caught drink-driving on the roads of Norwich in the East Anglia region of England. Uday Senapati, who appeared at Norwich...

    Keywords: uday senapati banned from driving, senapati, senapati, group lotus director

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