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  • Tasty Shuka (Dry) Moong Dal Recipe, Moong Dal Recipe, tasty shuka dry moong dal recipe, Dal recipe

    Tasty Shuka (Dry) Moong Dal Recipe 2018-07-26 12:45:33

    Shuka (Dry) Moong Dal is a popular Gujarati household dish which can be easily prepared at home with very few ingredients. This is perfect for a weeknight dinner as this recipe is simple, quick and light on your tummy. This...

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    Gujarati dal, Gujarati dal, gujarati dal recipe sweet and sour, Dal recipe

    Gujarati dal recipe, sweet and sour 2015-10-24 08:24:38

    Meal is incomplete without dal in Indian homes. Instead of preparing similar types of dal every time, try out this different katta meetha Gujarati dal. For sure this will become your regular dish in your meal. Gujarati dal made up...

    Keywords: dal recipe, Gujarati dal, Gujarati dal, dal recipe

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