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October 28, 2015 10:29

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All of us wish to enjoy our life and make life lively and happy every day. But today’s busy day life tries to grab that tranquility and peace from us. Eventually, we wait for a holiday or weekend to get relaxed plan some time with the family and friends. Once the day is gone, we will unknowingly or unwillingly fall back to your routine.

But, by putting a little effort from your side, you will be able to feel the tranquility and joy of life every day. Wondering how? Just take a little time for yourself every morning or evening. It could be just 15 minutes with your loved ones.

Brooding over other things during this time is a very bad idea. Ensure you spend time together leaving all your worries and thoughts behind. This should be the time just to relax and rejoice life and relations. It should be filled with love and lovely conversations.

This will eventually make you feel great the entire day. You will definitely get rejuvenated and can gain tons of strength and confidence to deal with any number of challenges all through the day. Your togetherness with your dear ones will become a big strength and support aiding in dealing with things in a great way all through the day.

Love and Coffee goes hand in hand

Having a beautiful cup of coffee can even brighten the moments. Remember, as you hold your cup it is just hot liquid or bean smell that can make you feel great, but the feel when you hold the cup and the look would add great feeling and will help you look forward to the day. This is nothing but a cup of joy! So choose a cup that inspires, that is personal.

Author Charles Spence of a study conducted on coffee mugs said, "The colour of the cup has an impact on your coffee taste. There was a significant difference between the white mug and the clear one."


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