10 Endrathukulla Movie Review

10 Endrathukulla Movie Review

10 Endrathukulla Movie Review
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Endrathukulla -review
  • Film : 10 Endrathukulla
  • Producer : AR Murugadoss
  • Director : Vijay Milton
  • Star Cast : Vikram, Samantha, Pasupathy, Abhimanyu Singh, Rahul Dev
  • Music Director : D. Imman
Rating: 2.75/5

Vikram 10 Endrathukulla Movie Review and Rating

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10 Endrathukulla -review-review
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Vikram plays a car driver who is known for his speed behind the wheel. Attributed as the best driver in the whole of Chennai, the entire story revolves around him and his job which involves transporting things. Meanwhile, Vikram gets to meet Samantha (a girl who knows nothing about driving) and after certain turn of events, 10 Endrathukulla gets transformed into a road film which might remind you of the Hollywood flick The Transporter.

Analysis :

 10 Endrathukulla -review

The first half of the movie has taken enough time to narrate about the happenings which make the film slow and dull. The narration has been quite miffed up which makes the first half just ok.

While the second half is a touch racy, its predecessor moves way too slowly for a movie which was expected to be on the fast lane throughout and that comes across as a disappointment. Bad placement of songs and the story itself are some of the negatives of this movie. Background score by Anoop Seelin offers nothing new and fails to elevate the overall feel.

Performance :

10 Endrathukulla -review

Vikram carries this movie on his shoulders all the way through, which was expected from an actor like him. It was also refreshing to see the Pithamagan actor in a light-hearted role after a long time. Samantha on the other hand gets a meaty role but the cute looking actress has failed to deliver what was required of her. At certain places, she looks emotionless to say the least. Pasupathy comes up with a refined performance and other supporting actors have delivered the goods, which is largely negated because of the movie's not so fascinating plot.

What stands out throughout the movie is its top notch camera work by Bhaskaran KM. The visuals look sleek and are one of the biggest strengths of 10 Endrathukulla. Another positive comes in the form of stunt sequences, for almost all such scenes (especially those involving cars) have come out really well.

Final Word:
10 Enradhukulla is a treat for Vikram’s fans and it can be given a shot for his performance and the excellent camera work.

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10 Endrathukulla Movie Review


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