India & Japan To Scale New Summits TogetherHot Buzz

September 14, 2017 18:40
India & Japan To Scale New Summits Together

India and Japan have become extremely close since they have decided to launch annual bilateral summit. The 11 editions of the summit led by the respective Prime ministers have enabled the two countries to expand their partnership beyond business and investment into hitherto unimaginable areas such as defense, nuclear power, joint projects in other nations, indo-pacific corridor and high speed rail.

Establishing strategic partnership with japan has benefited Indian Foreign Policy with no disturbances since the first annual bilateral summit under then P.M Manmohan Singh.

The end of cold war and changing dynamics in Asian Power Politics drew both the countries closer except for a brief period when Japan Imposed sanctions on India following the Pokhran-II nuclear tests in 1998. the damaged was repaired and Asian democracies launched a new era of partnership.

The 12th Indo-Japan summit, being held outside Delhi for the first time, will showcase significance of the partnership. China’s aggression is a common challenge for both the countries and Japan’s P.M’s visit in the back-drop of India’s standoff with China over Doklam may speed up expansion of Indo-Japan strategic Partnership.

Japan was the only country that has voiced its concern over Chinese actions in Doklam, finding common cause of back drop of china’s attempts to change status quo on the Senkaku Islands. Two P.M’s are expected to emphasis the need for countries to abide international law and global norms amid growing threats from North Korea too.

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