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October 10, 2015 17:29

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Nobel Peace Prize 2015 for Tunisian group, the National Dialogue Quartet, "for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011".

The National Dialogue Quartet comprises four organizations in Tunisian civil society:

• The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT, Union Générale Tunisienne du Travail)
• The Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA, Union Tunisienne de l’Industrie, du Commerce et de l’Artisanat)
• The Tunisian Human Rights League (LTDH, La Ligue Tunisienne pour la Défense des Droits de l’Homme)
• The Tunisian Order of Lawyers (Ordre National des Avocats de Tunisie)

The Quartet has paved way for a peaceful dialogue between the citizens after the Arab Spring in Tunisia in 2010-2011.

Statement released by the Norwegian Nobel Committee said, "The Quartet was formed in the summer of 2013 when the democratisation process was in danger of collapsing as a result of political assassinations and widespread social unrest. It established an alternative, peaceful political process at a time when the country was on the brink of civil war. It was thus instrumental in enabling Tunisia, in the space of a few years, to establish a constitutional system of government guaranteeing fundamental rights for the entire population, irrespective of gender, political conviction or religious belief,"

"The National Dialogue Quartet must be given much of the credit for this achievement and for ensuring that the benefits of the Jasmine Revolution have not been lost," it added.


Svetlana Alexievich for Literature

William Campbell for Physiology or Medicine

Satoshi Ōmura for Physiology or Medicine

Youyou Tu for Physiology or Medicine

Arthur McDonald for Physics

Takaaki Kajita for Physics

Tomas Lindahl for Chemistry

Aziz Sancar for Chemistry

Paul Modrich for Physiology or Medicine


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